Conditions We Treat

Our interdisciplinary team provide specialist neurological rehabilitation and nursing care for a range of conditions and symptoms.

Progressive Conditions: Motor Neurone Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Huntington’s Disease, Dementia, Brain Tumours and other neurological disorders.

Sudden Onset Conditions: Traumatic brain or spinal cord injury due to a road traffic accident, a fall, assault or incidents related to work or sport, or acquired brain injury due to stroke, anoxic brain injury (following a myocardial infarction) or encephalitis.

Specific Complex Care needs: People who require support with breathing (via tracheostomy or assisted ventilation). They may remain in a prolonged disorder of consciousness and require interventions for epilepsy, spasticity and postural management

Complex Physical Disabilities: People who require specialist management to support their diverse needs i.e. positioning and spasticity management, nutrition and hydration, continence, mobility, breathing, skin integrity etc.

Cognitive and Behavioural challenges: Associated with many conditions requiring care, such as memory problems, disorientation, confusion and aggression.

Neuro-palliative / End of Life Care: People with a neurological disorder who require end of life care due to the progressive nature of their condition, need specialist intervention and management to support them as their presentation changes and their needs alter. Such neurodegenerative conditions include those referred to above and also people with complex care needs i.e. those in a Prolonged Disorder of Consciousness and those requiring Assisted Ventilation.


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