Goals & Outcomes

We recognise that everyone is different - and people’s rehabilitation goals and measure of success are different too.

There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all with us. At Inspire Neurocare, it’s about the individual.

For some people, perhaps following a sudden-onset condition or injury, neurorehabilitation might mean relearning the skills of everyday living, so they can return to living independently. For others, it’s about maintaining their skills and abilities as the symptoms of a progressive condition begin to have more impact on daily life. In some cases, the focus will be on a person’s physical health and clinical stability, mood, or behaviour.

Individuals, families and care commissioners can trust our measurable, partnership approach to goal setting, which uses industry-leading outcome measures, regular reporting and assessments to ensure our rehabilitation approach is working for each person. This transparent process also ensures funders can be confident that rehabilitation is cost-effective, with responsive therapeutic input which changes as people progress towards their goals.

Adrian's journey towards rehabilitation

Following a vehicle collision in October 2019, Adrian suffered a severe injury to his brain. He spent several weeks in hospital, in a minimally-conscious state. Adrian came to the newly-opened Inspire Neurocare in March 2020 for specialist neurorehabilitation. In this video, Adrian, his wife Cally, and the Inspire Neurocare team share his journey towards independence.


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