Wellbeing & Lifestyle

Our Wellbeing & Lifestyle Coaches ensure that we create an environment of independence and happiness for everyone.

At the heart of our personalised delivery of care is our unique approach to Wellbeing & Lifestyle.

We believe that everyone has their own individual wellbeing needs and these play an important role in helping improve recovery and further independence.  Working together with residents and their families, we develop a Personalised Wellbeing Programme that nurtures holistic wellbeing.

The programme offers daily enrichment opportunities which are sensory-led and can be adapted to include varying levels of physical and mental engagement. All activities promote independence and encourage new experiences, when possible.

The programme focuses on three main areas of wellbeing:

  • Physical Wellbeing – we encourage people to be physically active wherever they can be, supporting people tocomplete daily tasks or take part in specific therapeutic activities
  • Social Wellbeing – feeling socially connected and valued plays a vital role in overall wellbeing. We are committed to supporting people to maintain existing social connections, hobbies and interests, whatever their level of functional ability. As part of our social wellbeing work we support people's spiritual wellbeing – helping them maintain their connection to their place of worship or their faith or community group.
  • Emotional Wellbeing – experiencing positive emotional wellbeing is a key component to recovery and maintaining or increasing independence. We work one-to-one with people to ensure that all of their personal preferences are catered for and that they receive the emotional support that they need.

Working together

Our specialist team work together with individuals, their families and each of the different therapists involved in their care, to regularly monitor and update the personalised wellbeing plan.

Creating an Environment of Wellbeing

Our nurturing living environments are specifically designed to promote wellbeing and accommodate people's needs.
Rooms and living spaces have been adapted to make daily life as comfortable as possible, including good quality lighting and furniture which combines style and function throughout to help people feel settled and comfortable.

Our variety of living spaces, large bedrooms and communal areas allow people to feel at home in quiet, smaller spaces or meet together with family and friends in a spacious yet peaceful settings.

Communal Wellbeing

Underpinning all of our work is our belief in the importance of community.  First and foremost we value the community within our homes for the people who call it home and the staff who support them.

When people are socially connected, their sense of wellbeing is greater and we are committed to creating a homely and positive environment for everyone.  As a company we are committed to the wider care community.

We work hard to establish excellent links with local groups and support networks, where each of our services are situated, so that we can share best practice, resources and clinical knowledge.

Community is very much at the heart of the Inspire Neurocare approach.


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