Life Skills Facilitators

Our Life Skills Facilitators are central to life at our services

At Inspire Neurocare, we are committed to providing an exceptional experience for everyone we support, irrespective of the complexity of care needs. At the heart of this pledge is our passion for innovation and the delivery of holistic support. It’s our mission to provide truly joined-up care, where our staff team collaboratively take responsibility for our people’s wellbeing.

In Inspire Neurocare services, our staff are empowered to excel in their provision of care. Our Life Skills Facilitators are central to the success of our innovative vision.  Life Skills Facilitator is a ‘universal worker’ role, which means they are carers with therapeutic input, housekeepers and companions all in one.

As well as providing holistic care, Life Skills Facilitators promote people’s independence, facilitating each person to participate in daily tasks as much as they are able to. This may include getting showered in the morning, choosing what clothes to wear or making a drink or meal.

Support from Life Skills Facilitators is bespoke and designed to increase the capacity of each person, without limiting them. People are encouraged positive outcomes for themselves as individuals - not as their diagnosis.

As part of their role, Life Skills Facilitators:

  • provide care and support, including administering medicine
  • under the guidance of our clinical team
  • enable participation in meaningful activities and therapeutic
  • programmes – such as providing encouragement and keeping up the momentum in a stroke rehabilitation programme
    take care of the general day to day housework
  • offer companionship and take an interest in people’s lives, supporting individuals with their choice of lifestyle and wellbeing

Life Skills Facilitators support people to continue or develop new hobbies or social activities as much as possible. This may include planning trips or maintaining contact with family members via email or Skype.

Life Skills Facilitators also carry out therapeutic activities under the guidance of therapists, such as exercise and mobility programmes or the use of communication aids and interactive equipment. These therapeutic activities also include sensory activities, orientation and memory tasks and engaging in social events.

All activities focus on promoting people’s independence and achieving goals identified in collaboration with individuals, family members and the therapy team.

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