Jay innovates for independence following a brain injury

Find out more about how using an innovative new app helped Jay regain independence.

Jay, aged 74, came to Inspire for a period of rehabilitation following a subarachnoid haemorrhage, further complicated by hydrocephalus which required neurosurgical intervention in late 2020.

On arrival into the service, Jay was experiencing problems with her balance, had left side weakness and found mobilising very difficult. She was unable to stand without support from the team members and a standing hoist.

The specialist team worked with Jay and her family to create a rehabilitation plan to increase her independence. With physiotherapy focusing on restoring Jay's balance and increasing her confidence, she can now walk independently, ascend/ descend stairs and can get on and off the floor.

The Life Skills Facilitators also worked with Jay under the direction of the therapy team, this included using an innovative mobile app called Clock Yourself to improve her balance and mobility. They also encouraged her to use her improving mobility functionally throughout the day and this contributed to increased confidence and independence outside of the therapy environment.

Jay is continuing to work with the therapy team as discharge planning gets underway.

"I'm thankful that I'm still alive – it's down to the wonderful surgeons, and of course, the rehabilitation at Inspire, which has been fantastic.

When I came here, I was on my back. I couldn't walk. I couldn't sit up, couldn't do anything. And here I am now – walking with my frame.  The progress has been fantastic. The staff here are wonderful, so patient, encouraging and so caring. Those who saw me when I first came in – they say, what a transformation!

I'm being taken home by the Occupational Therapist next week for a visit to make sure everything is in place for when I return home, and if there are any other exercises I need to do because I want to live on my own. I want to be strong enough, and well enough and capable of continuing to look after myself, hopefully for another decade or more.”


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