Complex physical disabilities

At Inspire Neurocare, our specialist team can support people who require expert management to support their diverse needs.

Individuals living with the physical impacts of neurological conditions or symptoms may require support in the following areas.

Spasticity & postural management

Spasticity can be experienced by people living with neurological conditions, brain and spinal injury. It is over-activity of the muscles and can lead to contractures, which is where the muscle shortens and can cause limbs to draw up into painful positions.

Inspire Neurocare's interdisciplinary team can support with treatment options that might include physiotherapy and splinting, correct positioning, and medication management. Postural management is an essential part of supporting people, particularly following a spinal injury. Good postural management means people are at a lower risk of developing pressure sores and can avoid pain and deformity.

Supported nutrition and hydration

Including PEG management and swallowing difficulties (dysphagia) requiring modified diets. Many people living with the impact of neurological conditions and disability can experience problems with safely swallowing food and drinks.

In addition to providing a range of high-quality dietary-compliant meal options, including modified texture diets for people with dysphagia and enriched and fortified diets, at Inspire Neurocare, our specialist team is equipped to support PEG nutrition. PEG, which stands for Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy, allows for food and fluids to pass directly into the stomach, bypassing the need for swallowing and the high risk of choking that some people can experience.

Continence & personal care

Following a neurological injury or due to a neurological condition, many people require support to manage their bladder and bowel continence as well as to manage their personal hygiene requirements.

At Inspire Neurocare, we recognise that this vital care can have a significant impact on people's quality of life, health and wellbeing and feelings of dignity. The people we support can make informed decisions about their care. Our high-quality continence care is developed for each individual, taking into account their unique needs and abilities and where appropriate, their future goals.

Good continence management and personal care mean people are more likely to avoid physical problems such as skin integrity issue, urine infection and catheter-associated urinary tract infections.

Mobility impairments

With its fully equipped physiotherapy gym, extensive landscaped grounds, a lift and wide corridors and doorways Inspire Neurocare was developed with the needs of people with mobility impairments at its core. The specialist team of therapists, specialist nurses and carers can support people with a range of mobility impairments, and there is ample space to accommodate people with large and self-propelled wheelchairs.

The physiotherapy gym is well-equipped with a tilt table, electric standing frame, walking bars, walkers, crutches, a handcycle and an active/passive therapy bike as well as a range of smaller mobility aids, so the people we support can carry out therapeutic exercises set out in their care and rehabilitation plan.

Skin integrity issues/concerns

Many people living with neurological conditions and symptoms can experience skin concerns such as cuts, bruises, scrapes, tearing, constant moisture, friction and unrelieved pressure. In many cases, postural changes and close monitoring can keep issues at bay
At Inspire Neurocare, our specialist team focus on the assessment, monitoring and maintenance of people's skin integrity, avoiding preventable issues and carefully treating areas of concern.


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