COVID-19 recovery and rehabilitation

For patients experiencing the direct neurological complications of COVID-19, Inspire Neurocare's leading team is ideally placed to support rehabilitation.

COVID-19 is a mild illness for many people, but some individuals experience very significant neurological and cardiovascular complications such as stroke, physical impairments and ongoing disability.

Following a stay in intensive care, an extended high-dependency hospital stay or a period of assisted ventilation/tracheostomy intervention, patients can be left with have ongoing mental and physical symptoms.

Inspire Neurocare's expert team can support patients leaving hospital with a period of intensive community-based rehabilitation to aid successful discharge back to home. Working with NHS colleagues, our clinical and therapy specialists will develop a therapeutic approach unique to each individual to restore function, independence and confidence - giving people recovering from COVID-19 the best opportunity for recovery.

Many patients need support with balance and mobility and cardiovascular and musculoskeletal deconditioning.  When it comes to the psychological impact following severe COVID-19 infection, many individuals also need support with post-traumatic stress disorder, sleep disorders, fatigue, anxiety and depression.  At Inspire Neurocare, our interdisciplinary team can support every aspect of your rehabilitation. The team includes physiotherapists, occupational therapists, a neuropsychologist and a specialist rehabilitation consultant, as well as nurses and life skills facilitators. 

The Inspire team can also support a successful discharge to home, working with community services and NHS and independent therapists to ensure rehabilitation continues as required following a patient's return home.

Case study: COVID stroke recovery at Inspire Neurocare

The service has already welcomed patients living with long-term disabilities into the service, including Kin Wu, who came to Inspire following a COVID-19 related stroke.

Covid stroke rehabilitation

Kin Wu, 49, came to Inspire Neurocare in October 2020. 

On arrival, Kin Wu used a wheelchair, needed assistance to stand, was unable to use his right arm, and could only walk whilst using a frame with two Inspire team members to support him. Working together with the interdisciplinary team and his family, Kin Wu decided that his initial neurorehabilitation goals were to walk with more independence, shower, and eat independently.

Kin Wu and the therapy team agreed to focus on his mobility, balance and right upper limb function to give him the best opportunity to reach his goals.

After three months of hard work, Kin Wu can now walk around the service with a frame and the support of just one person, and in physiotherapy sessions, he walks with a stick. He can independently carry out personal care tasks and enjoy mealtimes, using both hands with no team support. Kin Wu's new goal is to use a keyboard for his computer, and he will use the independent living flat within the service to further develop his everyday living skills.

The therapy team at Inspire Neurocare are working closely with the community support teams to identify new suitable accommodation and equipment so that Kin Wu can maintain his independence when he leaves the service.

Next steps

Over the coming months, we will welcome new patients to Inspire Neurocare – some of whom will be facing a long path to recovery following the complications of COVID-19 infections.

To discuss a referral or learn more about our COVID-19 specific recovery pathways, costs and next steps, please contact Marc Russell, Home Manager, via the form below or call the service directly on 01905 969 000.

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