Neuro-palliative and end of life care

At Inspire Neurocare, we support people at the end of their life.

At Inspire Neurocare, we support people at the end of their life.

People with a neurological disorder who may require end of life care due to the progressive nature of their condition need specialist intervention and management to support them as their presentation changes and their needs alter.

Our skilled nurses have advanced training in palliative care related to neurological disability and injury. In addition, our vast experience in caring for people with neurological disorders at the end of their life has given us a deep understanding of how to help individuals and their families in a calm, caring way.

All nurses receive additional specialist training from the moment they join the Inspire team. So, their continued professional development throughout their careers with us is of the utmost importance. We uphold high clinical standards so all nurses can undertake procedures related to complex conditions, from ventilated care tracheostomy management, bowel management to catheterisation, seizure management, PEG nutrition, and autonomic dysreflexia (common in people living with spinal injuries).

Neuro-palliative care requires competent and dedicated care staff too, and we employ the very best. Our carers and nurses are always approachable, compassionate and give everything to each person under their care.

Inspire is not a hospice, but instead, a community based, caring environment that feels like home. 


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