Introducing Life Skills Facilitators: innovating for rehabilitation excellence

Life Skills Facilitators are central to life at Inspire Neurocare.

In this video Life Skills Facilitator Becki and Service Quality Lead, Abi, discuss the role of Life Skills Facilitator at Inspire Neurocare.

A ‘universal worker’ role, Life Skills facilitators are carers with therapeutic input, housekeepers and companions all in one. Quality Service Lead, Abi, describes this innovative role which is making a difference to the people supported by Inspire Neurocare in Worcester.

“The Life Skills Facilitator role really allows colleagues to grow and develop their skills.

Because it combines several areas of responsibility – from care and companionship, to assisting the therapy and nursing teams, the team receive extensive training, which is over and above that of traditional caring and support roles.  

It’s a role that allows people to gain significant experience in aspects of nursing care and therapeutic interventions, as well as understanding how neurological conditions and disabilities can affect people.

Working closely with the therapy team, Life Skills Facilitators are in an ideal position to continue therapeutic interventions outside of the gym and incorporate activity into everyday life. Because  they spend much of the day with individuals, Life Skills Facilitators are able to develop a deeper understanding of how that person is progressing, their mood, and any reaction to clinical, therapy or medication changes, which are then communicated to the wider team.

The Life Skills Facilitators work closely with the people they support to create an approach which is totally unique to that person – from what they want to achieve, to how they spend their time. This extends to training on equipment that’s bespoke to each individual – such as the difference in using the Mo-Lift for one resident will be different from the next.

Because fatigue and mood plays such a big part in recovery from brain and neurological injury, Life Skills Facilitators are empowered to facilitate one to one activity in whatever way is best for the individual. This means there is a flexible approach to routines and meal times, and we are led entirely by what the people we are supporting would like to do.”

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