Breaking Bread: Feeding or Feasting? - A Unique Photography Exhibition at Inspire Neurocare

Join us on Thursday 4 July from 6-8pm at Inspire Neurocare, Worcester, for "Breaking Bread: Feeding or Feasting?", a photography exhibition exploring the role of food in neurological long-term care, and the relationship between care, nourishment, and community.

FEAST: Transforming Care through Food

"Breaking Bread: Feeding or Feasting?" is part of the FEAST (Food, Eating And drinking in neurological long-term care: Sharing practice to Transform care) project, funded by Health and Care Research Wales. Led by Dr. Julie Latchem-Hastings from Cardiff University, FEAST explores how food can enhance the quality of life for adults aged 18-65 residing in long-term care settings.

Rsidents and staff at Inspire Neurocare participated alongside healthcare professionals from eight neuro care settings across England and Wales. Through research interviews and creative workshops, participants shared their experiences of eating and supporting others to eat, revealing the personal and communal significance of food.

Inspire Neurocare residents played a pivotal role, designing a harvest festival feast in September 2022 - a celebration enjoyed by residents, families, and staff, highlighting food's power to bring people together. Central to the FEAST study's findings is the importance of caring interactions between staff and residents during mealtimes and the overall dining experience.

The Exhibition

At "Breaking Bread: Feeding or Feasting?" attendees will have the opportunity to view this photography series, which explores both the challenges and potential of food in neurological long-term care. The exhibition aims to spark conversation and reflection on the important role food plays in our lives, particularly in care settings. 

We invite you to join Dr. Julie Latchem-Hastings and the Inspire Neurocare team for an evening of wine, canapés, and conversation.

Event Details:

  • Date: Thursday, July 4th, 2024
  • Time: 6-8pm
  • Location: Inspire Neurocare, 195 Oldbury Rd, Worcester WR2 6AS
  • Contact: Julie Latchem-Hastings, Email: [email protected]

This event is open to all, and we look forward to welcoming you.

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