Huntington's Disease Awareness: Knowledge, Fundraising, and Compassionate Care

In May, we marked Huntington's Disease (HD) Awareness Month with a range of activities at Inspire Neurocare. Our Therapy Development Manager, Kirsty Page, took the lead in a variety of initiatives aimed at both boosting internal knowledge and raising funds for further research.

Kirsty led the organisation in an updated HD training programme for our staff. This programme was dedicated to increasing the team’s understanding of Huntington's Disease, a genetic progressive brain disorder characterised by changes in the brain that affect a person's movement, mood, and cognition. Our goal was to ensure that our team was fully up to date with the latest research and overview with the unique challenges faced by those living with HD, enabling them to provide the highest level of care. 

We were delighted that one of our families joined the training to talk about their personal experience of Huntington’s Disease, which demonstrated some of the cognitive and physical changes and how best to enable function and communication. Seeing a resident’s personality and sense of humour enables staff to see the person behind Huntington’s Disease.

The team also hosted a fundraising cake sale, with all proceeds going towards supporting vital research towards Huntington's Disease. It was great to see Inspire’s colleagues and residents come together, enjoying the homemade treats while contributing to this great cause.

Kirsty Page, Therapy Development Manager said,

"Looking back at Huntington's Disease Awareness Month, I'm filled with a sense of satisfaction and pride. The training sessions were interactive, engaging, and highly informative, providing us with the opportunity to deepen our knowledge and understanding of HD. One family member said, “thank you once again for giving Mark and myself the change to highlight the real challenges of Huntington’s Disease”. But what made it even more special was the spirit of togetherness that permeated throughout Inspire Neurocare.

With our cake sale, not only did we raise funds for an important cause, but we celebrated our shared commitment to providing the best care for our residents with HD.”

Providing Specialised Support for Individuals with Huntington’s Disease

At Inspire Neurocare, we provide specialised support to individuals living with Huntington's Disease. Our occupational therapists concentrate on making everyday tasks easier to accomplish, ensuring that individuals maintain their independence for as long as possible. They provide adaptations and strategies for daily living activities that can often become challenging due to the condition.

Our physiotherapy team works diligently to manage the movement difficulties associated with HD. Through carefully crafted exercises, we focus on improving mobility, enhancing posture, and reducing the risk of falls. Our Speech and Language therapists are on hand to support those with dysphagia or swallowing difficulties, proposing dietary modifications and alternative communication methods when speech becomes arduous.

Recognising that HD is a genetic disorder that can exert a significant emotional toll on individuals and their families, we also offer neuropsychological support. Our neuropsychologists assist individuals in assessing their emotional wellbeing, cognitive state, and behavioural patterns, providing consultation and necessary interventions.

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