Inspire Neurocare Named Finalist for Complex Care Provider of the Year 2023

It is with great pleasure that we share the news that Inspire Neurocare has made it to the final stage of deliberation for the Complex Care Provider of the Year Award 2023, presented by HealthInvestor UK.

This year, Inspire Neurocare's submission highlights the exceptional work of our Life Skills Facilitators.

Michelle Kudhail, Director of Specialist Services, comments,

"We are delighted to have been selected as a finalist for this prestigious award, especially during such a dynamic year for our Inspire Neurocare. our growth and commitment to developing our services demonstrates our dedication to enhancing the lives of the individuals and families we serve, with the Life Skills Facilitator role at the centre of everything we do."

Understanding the role of the Life Skills Facilitator

The traditional carer is re-envisioned as an enabling supporter in this universal worker role, which combines care, therapeutic and clinical input, and companionship into one. 

LSFs strive to increase each person's abilities without placing any restrictions on them. LSFs support rehabilitation and clinical practice in everything they do, enabling and empowering activities of daily living that increase people's independence, functional abilities, and confidence through every interaction, every day. They do this by always keeping person-centred therapeutic goals and desired outcomes in mind.

LSFs provide three major types of support for neurorehabilitation:

  • LSFs help people achieve their goals by enabling them to live as independently as possible. LSFs enable rather than perform tasks for people by offering companionship, personal care, assistance with dressing, cooking, and facilitating participation in social activities.
  • LSFs are uniquely qualified to bring rehabilitation to life, whether through personal care activities like dressing or during social activities. They are in charge of administering medication and are trained by and collaborate with nurses, therapists, and wellbeing colleagues. Therapy is no longer limited to a specific therapy session or the gym. To put it simply, LSFs facilitate rehabilitation on a daily basis in all interactions.
  • The LSF model of care gives patients the assurance that the carers they interact with most frequently are competent and capable of carrying out therapeutic interventions outside of scheduled therapy sessions. LSFs develop encyclopaedic knowledge of everyone they care for and become acutely aware of signs of fatigue, variations in communication styles, and the effects of medication changes.

Watch our Life Skills Facilitator video to learn more about the role. 

About the Health Investor Awards
The Health Investor Awards are held annually to recognise outstanding achievement and forward-thinking in the healthcare sector in the United Kingdom. The awards acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of individuals and organisations within the healthcare industry, such as investors, advisors, operators, and managers, who have made outstanding contributions to the fields of healthcare and life sciences. 

The Health Investor Awards are given out in a wide variety of categories, including healthcare provider of the year, complex care provider of the year - in which category Inspire Neurocare has been shortlisted twice - and technology provider of the year. The event is attended by a wide variety of professionals from the healthcare industry, as well as investors and industry leaders.

The winners will be selected at the awards ceremony at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London on 7 June 2023. 

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