Specialist nursing care

At Inspire Neurocare, our specialist nurses care for people who require support with very complex care.

Ventilated care and complex respiratory management can be required for people who live with various neurological conditions, from a brain or spinal injury to progressive conditions. At Inspire, our specialist nurses care for people who need support to breathe via tracheostomy or assisted ventilation. A ventilator helps people to breathe via a tube in the mouth, nose or through a small cut in the throat.

Inspire Neurocare can also support people who remain in a prolonged disorder of consciousness and require interventions for epilepsy, spasticity, and postural management. All of our nurses are trained to a very high clinical standard. So not only do we employ passionate nurses who already have specialist skills, but we make sure we put their continued professional development at the forefront of our way of working.

The Inspire team receive regular training from specialists in complex nursing care. This covers a wide range of specialised areas from bowel management, catheterisation and seizures, to tracheostomies and PEG nutrition. When training is completed, it is incorporated into an in-house competency that is regularly monitored. We have created a bespoke neurological rehabilitation programme for in-house training too. At Inspire, we have supported such a diverse range of people living with very complex care needs and have gained a vast amount of experience from numerous specialities. We constantly develop our skillset to fit the needs of our ever-growing specialist care home.

Inspire Neurocare’s Clinical Lead works to support the team and develop their skills and competencies to provide excellent specialist nursing care. Alongside having relevant training and a diverse skill set, our nurses have a positive attitude and work very well as a team. They are considerate, passionate and approachable, and consistently demonstrate the standards of care we expect.

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At Inspire Neurocare, we work very closely with the individual, family members, the referring team and any current care providers to ensure a positive transition to our service. Please contact us to arrange a virtual tour or to discuss a referral or admission:

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