New Covid-19 secure visiting area for Inspire Neurocare

Friends and family visiting their loved ones at Inspire Neurocare can now do so in the comfort of a new Covid-19 secure visiting area.

Ensuring that visits can continue to take place during inclement weather whilst also ensuring the people we support are kept safe, the Family & Friends Lounge is proving a hit with residents and family members.

The Family & Friends Lounge is a converted bedroom on the ground floor. Accessible for the people we support from inside the service, visitors access from outside through the patio doors.

This arrangement, plus the transparent Perspex screen separating each entrance, means that the risk of infection is significantly reduced as no physical contact takes place. Following each visit, the room is cleaned and sanitised, ready for the next family members.

Safe visits at Inspire Neurocare

We are still following the Safe Visiting Guidelines at Inspire Neurocare, which can you read in full here.

Please note, if there are any confirmed cases at Inspire Neurocare, this would mean it would not be safe to host visitors. There are no confirmed cases at present.


To arrange a visit, please contact Inspire Neurocare Worcester by calling 01905 969 000.

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