Physiotherapy students join the Inspire team in Worcester

Two Physiotherapy Students have joined the Inspire Neurocare team for a two-month placement at the specialist neurorehabilitation service.

Fred Catley and Jake Pearson, both third-year students at the nearby University of Worcester, support the therapy team that neuro physiotherapist Sandie leads. She said, 

"Many of the students who come to Inspire are new to neurology, so they find it very beneficial. The team and patients learn from them, too, about the new ideas and theories they have been learning at University.

It's great to see a new cohort of physiotherapists coming through every year."

Fred is keen to have a career in sports following graduation - football or rugby. Similarly, Jake is currently deciding between a career in sports therapy or starting an NHS rotation.

The pair said, "The educators here are great; we learn from them every day and can put this into practice. We have managed to get hands-on with patients, too, so we’re getting real experience. We're new to the neurorehabilitation side of physiotherapy and how you rehabilitate patients differently in this area. We are learning a lot."

Life Skills Facilitator David, who works as part of the therapy team, said,

"It's good having placement students here at Inspire. They've got the theory and the learning, and when they are with us, they not only can increase their clinical skills, but they also learn how to engage with people who are living with complex needs and their families and loved ones.

We have such a diverse range of patients here that it means Fred and George can learn about some very rare and complex neurological illnesses and disabilities in a relatively short time. They are very positive and enthusiastic, and we are enjoying having them as part of the team."

Along with the permanent members of the Inspire team, both Fred and George are double vaccinated and adhere to all the service’s Covid protocols and testing regime.

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