Interdisciplinary Team

Our skilled clinical and therapy teams, including specialist nurses, psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists and physiotherapists are dedicated to improving people’s quality of life and increasing their independence.

With strong clinical leadership from Director of Clinical Excellence, Michelle Kudhail, the Inspire Neurocare team includes complex care nurses, Life Skills Facilitators, Wellbeing and Lifestyle Coach and specialists who work around the needs of each individual – including a Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine, Dr Damon Hoad, a psychologist, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and speech and language therapists and more.

Our highly skilled colleagues are always empowered to put people first. Below, learn more about our Specialist Nurses, the role our Occupational Therapists have, and how our innovative Life Skills Facilitators provide holistic care and support.

Industry-leading training and development

All Inspire Neurocare services have comprehensive in-house training programmes developed to meet the statutory requirements of registered services. In addition, we create bespoke training programmes to support the roll-out of any new therapy schemes or equipment.

All of our staff receive regular training from specialist training providers. This ensures we uphold the highest clinical standards and continually update with best practices and relevant innovations.

All training is based around individual needs, ensuring that staff can support people across the service, from bowel management, catheterisation, and seizures, to tracheostomies, and PEG nutrition. Once completed by staff, all training is incorporated into an in-house competency, and its successful implementation is regularly monitored.

The Inspire team has developed its skillset to such an extent that we are now considered specialists in many clinically complex areas of neurological care. Using our vast experience and knowledge, we have created a bespoke neurorehabilitation specific training programme that we carry out in-house.

Specialist Nurses

Our team of compassionate nurses are dedicated to delivering the highest standard of care. Through in-depth training programmes, we ensure our staff are always up to date with the latest clinical care knowledge so we can deliver specialist services in many complex areas of neurological care.

Learn more about our highly specialist nurses.

Life Skills Facilitators

Life Skills Facilitators have a central role at Inspire Neurocare. With a caring, holistic approach, they work to increase people’s independence without limiting them. 

Learn more about our Life Skills Facilitators.

Neuro Physiotherapists

Neuro Physiotherapists play a crucial role in rehabilitation after a brain injury and neurological injuries such as strokes and spinal injuries. People often experience mobility issues which can result in muscle weakness and shortening, spasticity, postural problems, stiffness in the joints, or difficulties with balance. Spasticity can vary from person to person, and can include muscle spasms, pain, involuntary muscle contractions and movements. In some cases it can lead to contractures, where muscles and soft tissues shorten and joints become fixed in place.

Research has shown that exercise maintains a good range of movement and can even reverse some physical symptoms of brain injury. The Inspire physiotherapy team is skilled in supporting people living with spasticity and other physical issues, working together with individuals and families to put effective management programmes in place.

Occupational Therapists

An Occupational Therapist helps to identify how a person has changed due to brain injury or neurological condition and how these changes might affect their daily routine, life at work and role within the family. This could be memory loss, low concentration, mobility issues or difficulty understanding and speaking. Working together with the individual and alongside our multi-disciplinary team members, our Occupational Therapists will help people set and achieve realistic goals regarding independence and personal ability.


Sometimes, following a brain injury or due to a neurological disability, people can experience personality changes or changes to their mental state. Inspire's Psychologist supports people living with disorders that stem from brain injuries, such as depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, insomnia, anxiety, excessive anger and mood swings, or eating disorders.

People can have difficulty in relationships too. Psychologists work with families and loved ones to support those involved on how the person affected has changed and how best to adapt. 

Speech and Language Therapists

Loss of speech and understanding of language is common after a brain injury, neurodisability or stroke. Our Speech and Language Therapists work hard to rehabilitate the muscles involved in speech and swallowing, for example. Communication plays such a vital role in people’s recovery, so our therapists put bespoke plans in place to help everyone communicate and participate effectively with those around them.


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