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Inspire Neurocare services are built for people living with neurological conditions and symptoms.

From the ground up, Inspire Neurocare services are developed for people living with trauma, diseases and disorders of the nervous system. This might include people recovering from and living with the impact of a brain injury, spinal injury or other trauma, stroke, brain tumour and long-term neurological conditions.

At Inspire Neurocare, we focus on enabling people to live with independence through nursing care, therapeutic interventions and lifestyle adaptations required for people living with neurological symptoms - whatever their condition or prognosis.

We pride ourselves on our truly interdisciplinary approach to residential neurorehabilitation and care that puts people's goals and desired outcomes at the heart of their support.

Our Rehabilitation & Care Pathways

People we support

At Inspire Neurocare, we support people living with a range of neurological disorders, conditions and symptoms. Our services are for men and women over the age of 18 years.

Below, you can explore how we support people living with the following conditions and the specialist nursing care requirements.

  • Progressive Neurological Conditions & Disorders: Motor Neurone Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, Huntington's Disease, Brain Tumours and other neurological disorders.
  • Dementia: Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, frontotemporal dementia, Korsakoff's syndrome
  • Sudden Onset Conditions: Traumatic brain or spinal cord injury due to a road traffic accident, a fall, assault or incidents related to work or sport, or acquired brain injury due to stroke, anoxic brain injury (following a myocardial infarction) or encephalitis.
  • Complex Physical Disabilities: People who require specialist management to support their diverse needs, such as positioning and spasticity management, nutrition and hydration, continence, mobility, breathing and skin integrity.
  • Cognitive and Behavioural challenges: Associated with many conditions requiring care, such as memory problems, disorientation, confusion and aggression.
  • Neuro-palliative / End of Life Care: People with a neurological disorder who require end of life care due to the progressive nature of their condition, need specialist intervention and management to support them as their presentation changes and their needs alter.

Supporting people to live with independence

Good neurological care and rehabilitation should enable people to live with as much independence as possible. Neurological illnesses and injuries can mean that people experience reduced functional abilities, from difficulties with walking and communicating, to reduced cognitive and coping skills.

At Inspire Neurocare, we take the time to understand people – their likes and dislikes, hobbies and interests, their family situation and motivating factors – to develop the goals and the outcomes they wish to achieve during their rehabilitation together.

For some people, their neurorehabilitation pathway may centre around re-learning the skills of everyday living, such as eating, dressing and looking after personal care needs. For others, neurorehabilitation might be centred around cognitive and behavioural skills. For others, a good outcome may be to live the rest of their life with dignity and happiness, however complex their neurocare needs.

An interdisciplinary team approach

At Inspire Neurocare, individuals benefit from consultant-led care provided by an interdisciplinary nursing and therapy team. This collaborative approach to rehabilitation and care ensures the highest quality outcomes for the people we support.

Our expert team includes a Consultant in Neurorehabilitation Medicine, neuropsychologists, specialist nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, dieticians, wellbeing and lifestyle coordinators and life skills facilitators.  This multidisciplinary team approach benefits the people we support, ensuring their nursing, cognitive, therapeutic and emotional needs are met throughout their entire rehabilitation journey.

All members of the team work collaboratively with the people we support and their families to identify and set goals, carry out therapies and facilitate appropriate wellbeing and lifestyle choices for all.

We are committed to sharing best practice throughout Inspire Neurocare and beyond so that we achieve the right treatment for people.
With Inspire Neurocare, people can receive the right treatment and therapies, at the most appropriate time, from the most suitable team of neurocare specialists.

Built around people's unique needs

Every part of Inspire Neurocare has been developed to suit the specific needs of people who live with neurological conditions and symptoms.

Inspire Neurocare services are developed to very high standards of both style and function. From the wide corridors and doorways to the large bedrooms and spacious ensuites, the service is built for people who use wheelchairs or require mobility aids. Large, spacious balconies and covered patio areas allow people to enjoy the fresh air and outdoor space, whatever the weather. All bedrooms are soundproofed so that people can enjoy their own room with privacy, and underfloor heating is controlled individually so people can set up their space as they wish.

Accessible gyms allow people to work towards their occupational and physiotherapy goals whenever suits them. In addition to bedrooms, Inspire Neurocare services have independent living apartments. These transitional environments allow people to progress along their rehabilitation pathway, living with more independence as they prepare to return home or to life in the community.

Using technology to support neurocare

To support our approach to neurocare and neurorehabilitation, we use leading-edge technology and connectivity to improve the quality of people's lives wherever possible.

Electronic care plans and hand-held devices provide instant and secure access to information. We also use the Quality and Compliance system to monitor trends and analyse quality data.

We find that this holistic approach supports individuals, family members and clinicians to work together to enable the best possible outcomes. This is joined-up care in action.

Make a referral or arrange a visit to Inspire Neurocare

At Inspire Neurocare, we work very closely with the individual, family members, the referring team and any current care providers to ensure a positive transition to our service. Please contact us to arrange a virtual tour or to discuss a referral or admission:

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