Inspire Neurocare launch Covid hero promise as lockdown eases

As lockdown loosens in England, our carers, committed to protecting their residents from COVID-19 have made a ‘promise’ to be leaders in the fight against the virus.

Our teams are signing up to the 'Inspire Neurocare Hero Promise' which recognises the unique responsibility social care workers have, not only in care settings, but in the wider community to stop the spread of the virus.

Care home residents are amongst the most vulnerable to COVID-19 and staff at our care homes wanted to show that they will do all they can to 'Stay alert' as the rest of the country starts to return to normal this weekend. 

Clinical Director, Michelle Kudhail said the 'Inspire Hero Promise' showed that staff wanted to do everything they could to keep residents safe and well.

She said "While it's wonderful that this weekend marks an easing of the lockdown across the country, with pubs and restaurants opening, this could present an elevated risk of virus transmission. 

Our staff wanted to show that they were alert to the increased risks and would be an ambassador for their community, reminding people that we must all remain vigilant - now is not the time to let down our guard.

The 'Inspire Hero Promise' is not some legally binding document, it is an inspiring reminder that we all have our part to play in the fight against COVID-19. Our colleagues have been proud to sign this as they want to be part of the movement that works to keep people safe." 

The COVID Commitment states that each care worker will 'do all that I can to protect myself, my family and my community from the spread of COVID-19.'

While we fully support the opening of more businesses and services in the local community, we are keen to do all we can to ensure care homes remain Covid-free.

If you have any questions about the Inspire Hero Promise or would like to find out more about our home, contact us:

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