Dr Damon Hoad, Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine

Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine, Dr Hoad brings a wealth of experience in neurological rehabilitation to Inspire Neurocare Worcester.

A highly experienced Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine, Dr Hoad has worked at the Central Rehabilitation Unit (CERU) at South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust for nearly three years.

With a background in neuroscience and neurology, Dr Hoad also holds an academic position in the region in his role as Associate Clinical Professor in Neurorehabilitation.

At Inspire Neurocare, Dr Hoad provides expert clinical oversight to the interdisciplinary team and supports patients on their rehabilitation journey.

“I’m pleased to be joining the team at Inspire Neurocare. Purpose-built around sound rehabilitation principles, Inspire’s ethos is aligned with many of the principles we consider, and teach, as good rehabilitation practice.

Good neurorehabilitation makes a very clear difference to people’s lives. For people who are in situations which are otherwise difficult, we can help people to reach their rehabilitation goals with therapeutic and clinical input.”

Inspire Neurocare is part of a range of services in the West Midlands which provides joined up care for those who have experienced major trauma and subsequent neurological disability.

“From the Level One Major Trauma Centre at University Hospital in Coventry, where people are supported in the very early stages of their recovery, to the Central England Rehabilitation Unit, which provides sub-acute, or level one rehabilitation, Inspire Neurocare and its long-term specialist rehabilitation is the ideal third stage in this pathway of recovery.

Working across CERU and Inspire means I will see people as they progress in each stage of their rehabilitation process, meaning good continuity of care.”

Based in the Cotswolds, Dr Hoad provides regular support and visits to Inspire Neurocare.


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